Gallery of Photos

All of the photos in this gallery were taken in haste with my IPhone. I woulda, coulda, shoulda set up a nice camera arrangement with lights and all that, but the foods were fragile and I was laser focused on assembling each meal and getting them in the freezer very quickly. Sorry for the lack of clarity of the photos but you get the idea, right?!

3 thoughts

  1. Susan… This looks amazing! The colors and design are just magnificent! You are such an inspiration. I miss you and hope all is well. Best wishes to Margaret. Xoxo Kym

  2. I do hope you produce this in book form. I know a number of people who are not internet savvy but ARE constantly hunting innovative cooking methods for special needs diets. I’ve already printed off a number of copies but your photos are the important thing for duplicating your concepts and they just gobble my printer ink. I think I have spent as much as I would have done to buy book copies…and the books last much longer than a handout.

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